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About Rys beer & beverages bv

At Rys beer & beverages we are focussing on the supply of European beer & beverages to countries worldwide. We currently supply to countries in Europe, Asia, Oceania and South America. 

We mainly supply our own brands, however also support other brand owners opportunities to supply their products to an international market. We have vast expertise and knowlegde of regulations of brands in various destinations.


For importers of European beers and beverages we have an established network with ready access to breweries, factories and distributors. We can support you in meeting your demand in bringing these brands to your local market. Contact us for more information on what brands we can supply you with based on your needs.

About Rys

Beer & beverages

Our main focus is on European beers. For our own brands we deal with breweries in The Netherlands and Germany. In cooperation with these breweries we can brew lager beer, wheat beer, but also craft beer with unique flavours. The flavours are endless, from IPA's to stout beer and from fruit beer to hazelnut beer. We can brew in bottles and cans, currently do not provide kegs. All our beers are pasteurized.

We also brew low alcoholic beer. The lowest percentage is 0.3%.

Non-alcoholic beverages and sodas are also available. Contact us for more details.

Beer & Beverages

Logistic details

When exporting to countries outside the European Union, we can supply either:

- Full container load (FCL). 

In order to get the most value-for-money price per bottle purchased, we recommend spreading transportation costs through working with a FCL.

- Less than a container load (LCL)  

For some brands including our own, we can offer competitive prices through LCL. Please note, each brand will have their own minimum order quantity.

Transport within Europe usually has minimum order quantity of 4 pallets, depending on the brand.

Logistc details
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